1OO,OOO CITIZEN CO-SPONSORS NEEDED: Pass Campaign Finance Reform as the FIRST ACT of the New Congress

If our Blue Wave succeeds in November, the FIRST bill Congress must pass is BOLD, SWIFT and SWEEPING Campaign Finance Reform!

Faith in our government is at an all-time low. Special Interests and Big Money in Politics are corroding our Democracy.

So if the American people do elect a Democratic majority this November, Congress must heed our call to pass Bold, Swift, Sweeping reform!

Over 107 of our Democratic House Challengers are committed to the following:

-- limiting the influence of big donors on campaigns, quashing the political influence, real or perceived, special interests currently have in our government and providing incentives for donors to make small contributions to federal candidates;

-- finally requiring genuine accountability through disclosure of all political spending and ensuring foreign money has no way of influencing our elections;

-- shutting the revolving door between elected officials and the professional, special-interest lobbying industry;

-- strengthening congressional ethics laws and their enforcement, including the adoption of harsher penalties for breaking the law and betraying the public trust;

-- ending the imbalanced and divisive practice of political gerrymandering that currently allows the undemocratic practice of politicians picking their voters, rather than ensuring that voters pick their representatives;

-- and removing, once and for all, the deliberate and partisan barriers that prohibit millions of Americans from freely and fairly exercising their right to vote.

Sign this petition to Congress to DEMAND Democrats pass Campaign Finance Reform as their FIRST bill in the new Congress >>