1OO,OOO CITIZEN CO-SPONSORS NEEDED: Pass the landmark bill to COMPLETELY UNDERCUT the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling >>>

The brand-new Democratic House Majority is FEARLESSLY charging forward to pass the most important Campaign Finance Reform Legislation in a GENERATION.

Sign now to Citizen Co-Sponsor this historic bill:

The American people went to the polls this year and made their voices heard. They're demanding swift, bold, and sweeping reform.

And the Democratic House Majority is answering the call.

The FIRST BILL of the New Congress is a MASSIVE Democracy Reform Bill that will:

-- REQUIRE SuperPACs and Dark Money Groups to disclose their Donors
-- STRENGTHEN rules for Political Ads on Social Media
-- INCREASE oversight for Campaign Finance Violations

But Mitch McConnell hates the bill -- he vowed to sabotage Campaign Finance Reform in the Senate.

So it’ll take a powerful grassroots movement to force Congress to act.

1OO,OOO SIGNATURES NEEDED: Sign to Citizen Co-Sponsor a LANDMARK Campaign Finance Reform Bill >>