100,000 CITIZEN CO-SPONSORS NEEDED: Sign to OVERTURN Citizens United >>

11 years ago this month the Supreme Court handed down the Democracy shattering Citizens United decision.

Citizens United changed our Elections. It gave us Donald Trump and lots of his GOP puppets in the House and Senate.

But despite what the Supreme Court says, we know better:

Money is not speech.

Corporations are not people.

And our democracy is NOT for sale.

So we’re doubling down on our efforts to PASS the Constitutional Amendment to END Citizens United and fix our democracy.

Since the disastrous Supreme Court decision, Citizens United has left our Democracy vulnerable to the influence of Big Money Billionaires.

Special Interests and Republican SuperPACs are the reason Donald Trump became President.

But with a Democratic Majority in the House and Senate, we can finally STOP this erosion of our Democracy. But we need Democrats everywhere to RISE UP against Citizens United.

Don’t delay -- we cannot afford another year of Citizens United.

100,000 SIGNATURES NEEDED: Sign to Citizen Co-Sponsor the Constitutional Amendment ENDING Citizens United >>